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Next up to watch, Dream Boat (2017)

We’re back with our third Netflix Watch Party this Thursday, May 7th at 7:30pm. Join us and experience Dream Boat, the story of an annual gay cruise that promises seven days of fun, sun and two-thousand nearly-naked men. Register for your ticket here.

Beneath the sexy speedos live a host of tender stories. In one way or another, the Dream Boat cruisers have complicated and varied identities, families, relationships and desires. There’s buff, Polish-born Marek, who wants to be loved. Dipankar, a gay man living in Dubai, who can’t shake his loneliness even when partying with with thousands of men. Philippe who finds himself the sole user of a wheelchair on the ship, bringing a unique perspective to the accessibility of desire. Palestinian Ramzi travels with his Belgian partner, both celebrating the latter’s recovery from cancer. Finally there’s Martin from Austria who’s navigating hooking-up while living with HIV. Gorgeous to watch and unexpectedly tender, Dream Boat challenges the idea that men’s party culture is vacuous or unfeeling, going deeper than one would expect from such a pretty cover. 

Dream Boat | Tristan Milewski | Germany | 2017 | 92 min |
English and Arabic, German and French with English subtitles

Dream Boat Q&A with VQFF’s Artistic Director

Anoushka Ratnarajah will be going LIVE on our Instagram immediately after we watch Dream Boat on Thursday to answer any questions you have about the film.

You’re welcome to post any questions that may come up for you during the screening in the Netflix Party chat feed. We will be recording them to give you detailed answers around 9pm.

How to join our watch party

If you haven’t yet, please download the ‘Netflix Party’ Google Chrome extension. You’ll need this to watch with us and join the conversation. If you need additional support while setting up, please use our step-by-step guide.